Hot/Cold Water Bottles


Looking for a water bottle that can do it all? Look no further than the Blac Water Bottles! This versatile bottle can be used in hot or cold climates to keep you comfortable all year round.

In the winter, fill your Blac Water Bottle with hot water and use it as a portable heating pad or to pour into your tea cup. On those chilly nights, put it in your bed to keep your feet toasty warm. Or if you're spending a day outdoors in the cold, tuck your Blac Water Bottle into your coat to keep warm.

In the summer, fill your Blac Water Bottle with icy cold water and use it as a portable air conditioner. Soak a bandana in the water and drape it across your head. The Blac Water Bottle is also great for kids, as it can keep them cool at outdoor events during the summer months or keep them warm at outdoor events.